Tea Party….from Free Volunteers to Six-Figure-Consultants in under a cycle…

However, she disagrees with Banister about the use of expensive telemarketers. Her organization urges donors to hang up on telemarketers raising money for charities, because so little of their donations ever reaches the organization. Indeed, in disclosure forms filed in various states, TPP has acknowledged that some of its telemarketers will keep at least 75 percent of the money they raise. That means a tea party supporter who gives $100 to the group through this method will only end up giving TPP $25; the rest will go to the fundraiser. Another big chunk of TPP’s budget went to salaries and travel expenses for the group’s once all-volunteer staff. TPP spent $758,000 on salaries and other compensation for eight staffers (including Meckler and Martin, who each earned more than $140,000). TPP spent $587,000 on travel, and a quarter-million dollars on legal fees associated with actions it has brought against other tea party activists, among other things.

Interesting expose in the “do as I say not as I do” fiscal policy of the Tea Party. ____ The Tea Party Patriots’ Fundraising Fail? | Mother Jones http://m.motherjones.com/politics/2012/05/tea-party-patriots-fundraising-fail

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