Fox and Friends airs four minute anti-Obama campaign commercial…but does so Fair and Balanced, so it’s all good

If you’ve spent any amount of time watching Fox News, and did not arrive at the network already wedded to its view of the world, you know that “Fair and Balanced” is not actually an aspiration or ethos, but rather an inside joke meant to melt the faces of incredulous liberals. Yes, there is a divide between Fox’s opinion arm and its news-gathering operation, which employs many straight-shooting reporters. But it’s difficult to put much faith in this supposedly impermeable wall when the network itself is cutting four-minute attack ads against Barack Obama on its own news shows. Behold the following, aired in its entirety on Fox & Friends,the network’s morning show:

Four years of half- truths and outrights lies by Fox, in one convenient package. —- Swampland

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