Healthcare haters take note: your lie about a government takeover is now even more provably wrong

Proof Obamacare Seeks To Put Control Of Healthcare In The Hands Of The Consumer – Forbes

One of the key talking points consistently mouthed by opponents of the Affordable Care Act is their declaration that the law wrests control of healthcare out from the hands of the consumer and places it squarely under the control of the federal government. And yet, the meme—like so many others employed by dedicated Obamacare bashers —is simply not true. Now, we can prove it.

The sad part? Haters won’t even read this, as their ignorance about the law reinforces their preconcieved notions about the President. Hence learning about reality would undermine those comforting feelings of superiority that make Obama bashing so satisfying to a certain group of people.

Update: fixed title…pretty amazing some times how a single letter can change and dilute an entire argument.

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