Republicans stick to their hypocratic irony guns, as it’s their only weapon…blame the President for not doing what Congress won’t

House passes stopgap government funding plan – Capitol Hill

House Republicans Tuesday took another stab Tuesday at avoiding the automatic cuts for defense, passing a bill that orders President Barack Obama to submit a plan to protect military spending by October 15 without any revenue increases.

The measure, approved on a party line vote of 223-196, faces certain death in the U.S. Senate and has drawn a veto threat from the White House. Republicans in the House passed a similar sequester avoidance plan in May.

Authored by Representative Paul Ryan, now the Republican vice presidential nominee, it attempted to halt the cuts and protect military budgets by substituting deep cuts to programs that aid the poor, including food stamps and Medicaid healthcare.

Note: Paul Ryan has been out in the campaign trail also blaming Obama for not following the debt commission…that Ryan personally voted against. So it’s not like this level of hypocrisy is a new thing. It seems to be a campaign strategy of some sort.

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