In before “why don’t *they* speak out against violence”

NBC DFW : Local Muslims Honor Slain Diplomat

“We have to come out and show that we are appalled,” said Ranya Sabbagh, a Syrian-American. “We have to come out and give our condolences to the families of those innocent victims.”

Sabbagh says many in the Middle Eastern world do not understand the Western world’s freedoms of speech. They think the U.S. government approved the film and that’s why some extremists are acting violently.

This is very similar to many Americans, who cannot distinguish between a country’s leader and its citizens….heck many Americans couldn’t tell the difference between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

When growing up in a country with a tightly controlled media where everything you see is government approved, it’s fairly natural to assume every place else is the same…especially if you are a teenager who has been watching the U.S. blow up your neighbors for most of your life.

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