Stacy Dash, African American actress, shocked by reaction to her support of candidate that believed African Americans were sub-human for first 30 years of his life


Stacey Dash told Piers Morgan on his CNN show Tuesday night that her support for Mitt Romney has provoked some serious negative feedback.

The Clueless actress tweeted her political opinion on Sunday, writing: “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

She was immediately slammed with Tweets attacking her. One example: “Wait Stacey Dash is voting for Romney? You get a lil money and you forget that you’re black and a woman. Two things Romney hates.”

So here’s some of the history.  God changed what Mormons were supposed to think of blacks in 1978.  Mitt Romney was born in 1947.   He was 31 when this was changed.  This also means it was this “God hates blacks” version of Mormonism that he was preaching for two years in France.   I’ve no doubt he changed his belief in the immutable word of God since then, there’s very few things he’s been consistent on in his life, so we can add this to the list.

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