Republican Governors ask Obama For More Time to do Obamacare Homework, as they Spent the Last 2.5 Years Claiming They Didn’t Have To Do It

LA Times – Republican governors want more time to implement healthcare law

WASHINGTON – Republican governors, many of whom have refused to implement the new healthcare law for the last2 1/2 years, are now asking President Obama for more time to decide how to handle a key part of the law. In a letter to the president Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the current and incoming chairmen of the Republican Governors Assn., said governors do not have enough information to assess whether they should operate their own insurance exchanges in 2014 or leave the job to the federal government.

SCOTUS and the American People disagreed with the Republican Govs, and now they are going to try and not do stuff, and blame someone else when it fails.

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