Israeli Security Forces Beat Gas Station Attendant to Death for Throwing Rocks

Washington Post

Jaradat was arrested on Feb. 18 on suspicion that he had thrown stones at Israelis. He died Saturday at Israel’s Megiddo prison, after several days of interrogation by the Shin Bet security service. Israel’s forensics institute performed an autopsy Sunday, in the presence of a physician from the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian minister of prisoner affairs, Issa Karake, said after being briefed by the Palestinian doctor that Jaradat was tortured. He said Jaradat was bruised over his body and suffered two broken ribs. Jaradat’s brother, Mohammed, said he saw the body Sunday and believed his brother was severely beaten. Israel’s Health Ministry said the autopsy did not conclusively determine the cause of death, but that the bruising and broken ribs were likely the result of attempts to revive the detainee.

You break it, you bought it, Israel. Really, your support from over here comes from a fairly narrow demographic…which is dying quickly. Might want to stop being d-bags before its all gone.

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