Anti-Labor Governor Scott Walker watches job creation go from 11th to 44th

MADISON — New quarterly figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Thursday showed Wisconsin has dropped to 44th in the nation for creating private sector jobs, a ranking Republicans lawmakers say is deceiving and Democrats contend is the result of Gov. Walker’s failed economic strategy.

The data covered the year that ended in September, and reflected a recent steady decline. Wisconsin ranked 42nd for the year that ended in June, and 37th for the year that ended in March 2012.

The report, based on a survey of 96 percent of all public and private American non-farm employers, said other Midwestern states are performing better than Wisconsin. Indiana ranked 11th, Michigan 13th and Ohio 24th.

via Wisconsin drops to 44th in private sector job creation – Leader-Telegram: Daily Updates.

Weird…turns out being hostile to workers and a great fellator of Koch’s doesn’t create actual real jobs.

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