This Is What the NRA thinks is an Oppressive Society

In just hours, Bernstein was able to obtain several high-powered guns from private sellers in Denver-area parking lots — a legal transaction in Colorado that requires no background check or waiting period to buy the weapons.

In a supermarket parking lot in Aurora, the town where 12 were killed during last year’s mass shooting at a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” Bernstein purchased a semiautomatic 9mm Uzi and three 30-round magazines for $2,100. As the man pulled the weapon out of his trunk, a man pushing a stroller walked by.

via Undercover Denver TV reporter buys several semiautomatic guns from private sellers in just hours, no questions asked  – NY Daily News.

No background check, no ID….just guns and the free market….and they still can’t quit whining about how repressed they are.

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