Ted Cruz makes proposal to End Domestic IT Industry

Quick update on two topics I’ve been posting about recently…what a d-bag Ted Cruz is, and how d-bags are trying to use Immigration Reform to destroy the domestic IT industry*. Those two themes came together yesterday in a jarring display of douche-baggery.


“A number of Tuesday’s amendments were H-1B related, including one from U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), which sought to raise the H-1B cap to 325,000.”I think high-tech immigrants are an unambiguous good for our economy and our country,” said Cruz.Cruz called the immigration’s bill plan to raise the cap to as high as 180,000, “a half measure.” The amendment had little support and failed. The longer discussion was around Grassley’s “good faith” amendment.”

This should be still be quite alarming…as the current “compromise” of 180,000/yr is still a 300% increase, and is just enough foreign workers to cover all the new jobs (expected to be about 120,000/yr for the next decade or so). Leaving pretty much none for Americans who did the “right thing” and got a STEM degree in college…only to graduate and realize they are competing for jobs with 1,000,000 foreign workers who don’t have any student loan debt.

* Currently the limit is 65,000/yr, and as such, foreign workers make up 25-40% of IT staff. If you increase that limit to 300,000/yr, there will be no market for domestic IT workers, as all the new jobs expected to be created over the next decade will be filled by this hugely increased pool. Wages will also plummet, as is obvious to anyone who knows what happens to price (wages) when supply is increased by 500%.

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