So…Anyone Ever See Replicators on Star Trek? Ever consider the societal implications of such things existing?

New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione today issued a warning on the potential for 3D printed guns to be used in serious crimes in the state.

The NSW Police revealed that the force has created and tested two 3D-printed firearms. The police used the Liberator pistol blueprints produced by US-firm Defense Distributed. The original plans for the gun were downloaded more than 100,000 times before the company pulled them from its site under pressure from the US State Department.

Police believe that despite this, the files are still circulating.

via NSW Police issues warning on 3D printed guns – 3d printing – Security – Techworld.

Not only are the files circulating, they are being improved.  So are the tools used to replicate items.  So are the people designing both the tools to replicate and the designs used to replicate.

21st Century people…time to re-think how we deal with certain things like laws and city-states.  ITAR ain’t going to cut it anymore.

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