The Delusions Of Ross Douthat

Sully nails the folks who try to act like the GOP has ideas relevant to people who aren’t fundies, idiots or billionaires…which they don’t.

The Dish

TO GO WITH AFP STORY By Otto Bakano -- T

Ezra weighs in on Chait’s piece on Josh Barro and the plight of reformists on the right:

If you imagine a policy spectrum that that goes from 1-10 in which 1 is the most liberal policy, 10 is the most conservative policy, and 5 is that middle zone that used to hold both moderate Democrats and Republicans, the basic shape of American politics today is that the Obama administration can and will get Democrats to agree to anything ranging from 1 to 7.5 and Republicans will reject anything that’s not an 8, 9, or 10. The result, as I’ve written before, is that President Obama’s record makes him look like a moderate Republicans from the late-90s.

He is indeed a moderate Republican, which is why I’ve always liked his approach to governing and to policy. And that, of course, makes Ross Douthat nervous, because Ross is a smart…

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