IRS Scandel Dead (Except for Derposphere)

That “be on the lookout list” used to flag Tea Party groups for extra scrutiny of their tax-exemption applications?It turns out it wasnt the only one the Internal Revenue Service had been using.There were also other lists, covering a “broad spectrum” of categories and cases, according to a preliminary IRS report released Monday.

“Once we came to that conclusion, we took immediate action to suspend the use of these lists in the Exempt Organizations unit within IRS,” said Danny Werfel, the new acting chief of the IRS, in a conference call with reporters.

via IRS Chief: No Evidence Of Intentional Wrongdoing So Far | WUTC.

So this thing is pretty much dead and buried…outside the idiot brigade,which will ride it hard until 2014, endlessly saying acronyms as if they are a mantra that means anything to anyone outside not active in the brigade. (NSA, IRS, Benghaszi, NSA, IRSA, Behnghazi, NSA, IRS, Benghazi).



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