After Two Years of Whining about it, Senate affirms appointment by 2/3 majority

And in the end, what do Republicans have to show for their two-year fight? Pretty close to nothing — which raises questions about why it took so long to strike a deal and highlighting how poisonous the debates over presidential nominations had become in the Senate leading up to this week.

(Also on POLITICO: Richard Cordray confirmed to lead CFPB)

“This shows the danger of overplaying your hand,” said Jaret Seiberg, an analyst with Guggenheim Partners who has followed the debate closely. “By not dealing when they had a hand to play, the Republicans get nothing out of this.”

via Richard Cordray vote leaves GOP at a loss – MJ Lee and Kate Davidson and Kevin Cirilli –

Seriously…the guy got enough votes to overcome a Presidential Veto…but for some reason the GOP still feels justified in blocking him for two years.

It’s obstruction for obstruction’s sake.

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