HYPOCRISY: Climate Change Deniers Mock Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Science Views

McCarthy’s advocacy isn’t just a silly, innocent belief; it is actively harmful to public health. A recent University of Michigan study found that 1 in 4 parents trusted anti-vaccine advocates like McCarthy at least somewhat on the matter. Fewer parents vaccinating their children against infectious diseases can be quite dangerous, leading to an increase in whooping cough deaths in California and measles cases in the United Kingdom.

Among those lambasting The View for giving McCarthy’s anti-science theories a platform, though, are prominent conservatives who deny scientific consensus in another realm: climate change.

Here are four examples:

via HYPOCRISY: Climate Change Deniers Mock Jenny McCarthy’s Anti-Science Views | ThinkProgress.

And then they go on to list a number of prominent blow-hard who have zero self-awareness or an understanding that science, in general, doesn’t give a fuck about your political rationalizations.

So your conspiracy theories denying climate change are actually on a *lower* level than McCarthy’s take on what caused her child’s autism….which is already pretty low.

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