Limbaugh Claims Republicans Just Like Al Queada and Taliban, wonders why country doesn’t like either group

“The Republican Party wants a new base. The Republican leadership isn’t conservative. They’re not particularly crazy about conservatives,” Limbaugh said. “I’m a fairly prominent media conservative, I get more grief than the Taliban gets. I get more grief than Al Qaeda gets. All conservatives do because we constitute a threat to the way Washington views the country. And I don’t think it’s so much conservative vs. liberal, although it is, but it’s Washington vs. the rest of the country … and Washington has a mindset and a desire for the country that doesn’t dovetail with the majority of the American people.”

When asked about the Democratic Party, Limbaugh said that he was interested in “defeating them, not compromising with them.” He added, “The Republicans are shell-shocked. The image of racist, sexist, bigot homophobe has taken hold. They think that’s what people think of them. I think they’ve lost their confidence … and they have bought into this notion of why they are hated and disliked, and they are trying to change rather than defeat the people responsible for it all. I’m about defeating them within the political arena of ideas.”

Personally, I think Republicans *are* a greater threat to the longterm viability of the U.S. as a free nation than the Taliban (the Taliban isn’t voting to take away voting rights, as one example), and it seems like more and more people are noticing that curious situation.

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