There’s no Cure for Stupid (re: Right Wings Approach to Obamacare)

The confusion is not necessarily unique to Missouri. Across the country, Obamacare opponents have launched a coordinated misinformation campaign about the health reform law, confusing Americans about what the upcoming changes will mean for them. A survey of health care-related advertising in June found that Obamacare critics have outspent its supporters by a nearly five to one margin. And last month, the Koch Brothers poured millions more into a new Obamacare misinformation campaign. Anti-Obamacare groups are now launching grassroots initiatives to actively dissuade people from enrolling in the new insurance marketplaces — telling young Americans to “burn your Obamacare draft card.”

via In Some Deeply Red States, Figuring Out How To Enroll In Obamacare Is Like Searching For A Unicorn | ThinkProgress.

It just sucks to be stuck in a Red State is all this really boils down to.  The sick thing is that these same idiots then turn around and point to their own incompetence as a reason they are incompetent.

The campaign to print up fake Obamacare “draft” cards and then burn them in protest illustrates the level of idiocy these thirsty horses will display after being led to ample, clean, drinking water.

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