Congress’ NDAA [2014 Version] Deal Could Make It Easier For Obama To Finally Close Guantanamo

“Today, Congress took one step forward and one step back on Guantanamo,” said Steven Hawkins, executive director of Amnesty International USA. “The Senate’s provision that clarifies transfers to other countries is an important and welcome improvement that President Obama must leverage as soon as possible. However, the House’s restriction on transfers to the US, even for trial or medical treatment, is a terrible blow for human rights. President Obama must find a solution to end the Guantanamo crisis.”

via Congress’ NDAA Deal Could Make It Easier For Obama To Finally Close Guantanamo.

Quick couple points, 1) there is an NDAA every year (for the past 52 years), it got a lot of attention last year because of some of the other implications of 2) it is the House GOP that makes it impossible to actually close GITMO by refusing to fund any action that could resolve the situation of the prisoners there.  When the GOP and the ever-present derpers complain about how Obama isn’t closing GITMO, mention to them who it is that is currently blocking his ability to do so.

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