Congress Passes Budget Deal

“We’re in for a little bit longer of a whole lot of do-nothing Congress,” said Chuck Cushman, a senior fellow at Georgetown’s Government Affairs Institute. “Not enough will have changed for some dramatic explosion of legislative success to occur. It’s not impossible, but I’d be very surprised.”

via Congress passes budget deal, but cuts will sting for some | Al Jazeera America.

At least now the inability of Congress to do anything won’t stop everyone else who serves the public from doing *their* jobs.

Quick ideological sidenote: The GOP continues to refuse to entertain the notion that taxes can be used to pay for debts, and it appears those that have come out *against* this deal (mostly derping Tea Patronizers), are also against any reduction in spending, if it affects the military in any way.   So the Tea Derpers only way to balance the budget excludes any new taxes or any military spending cuts….which is why they should be ignored by rational people, as happened in this debate, and is why we have even a modest deal.

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