House Republicans Pass Sweeping Anti-Abortion Bill (this is the “War on Women”)

Earlier this month, Democratic women lawmakers protested the bill in the hallway outside its House Judiciary Committee hearing. They pointed out that it would raise health care costs for women, drive insurance companies to drop a previously noncontroversial medical benefit and financially penalize small businesses. They also took issue with the fact that an all-male group of Republicans was pushing the bill through the legislative process with very little input from women.

“H.R. 7 is a reflection of a majority that is out of touch with the American people and struggling to understand fundamental truths about reproductive health — and we really mean struggle,” Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) said on the floor of the House. “This extreme legislation was originally sponsored by a man, originated from a subcommittee composed of 13 men, and was passed out of the Judiciary Committee with the votes of 21 Republican men. This has been the problem for a long time — men in blue suits and red ties determining what women can and should do when it comes to their own health.”

via House Republicans Pass Sweeping Anti-Abortion Bill.

This is what the GOP’s “War on Women” is all about.

It’s not, as Randy “Ayn” Paul suggested this women, a flashback to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  It’s a consistent and persistent move to use legislation to limit the rights of women.

Unless the GOP can get the honesty and integrity together to address their actual legislative agenda and how it relates to the rights and opportunities for women, they should be laughed out of the room when they make such ridiculous claims.

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