Koch-sas Feels the Heat

On Sunday, May 4th, the temperature in Wichita peaked at 102°F — breaking just about every kind of heat record kept. It was not only the hottest May 4 on record, it was the hottest temperature ever recorded for the month of May. Before Sunday, the earliest date Wichita has seen 102°F was June 4, 1933 — a whole month later in the season.

via From Snow To Sweat: Kansas Skips Spring | ThinkProgress.

I’m pretty sure the Kochs got a law passed on Kansas that directly prohibits global warming, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

Kansas was also recently downgraded by Moody’s, because, well, basing your state’s economy on ideological fantasies looks really bad when rational people run the numbers.

 — Plummeting revenues, underfunded pensions and millions in court-ordered school spending led Moody’s Investors Service on Thursday to cut the state’s credit rating by a notch.

The ratings agency slightly lowered the state’s

credit rating because of mounting financial pressure on the Kansas state budget, partly from massive income tax cuts that Republican Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law in 2012 and 2013.

[full story]

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