What’s More Likely to Be Bullshit

I’m glad this is a thing…http://www.reddit.com/r/conspiratard

BTW, I noticed a great one the other day….

You know how kooky some people are who think the U.S. faked the moon landing? It would take nearly 1,000 people, scientists, politicians, lawyers, astronauts, etc, all in on it, faking the data, and telling the same “lie” for generations.

But the thing is…in order to think that global warming in a lie, one has to extend that number to 10,000 and instead of just the U.S., it has to become a massive *global conspiracy*.

So the idea that global warming is a conspiracy is, roughly, about 1,000 times * less likely than a faked moon landing…

…and yet is still quite popular.


* the difficulty of successfully conspiring in inversely and logarithmicly related to the number of people it takes to pull it off.

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