Plants vs Zombies – Battle for Neighborville : Review

So this is what happens when you take something to the next level. In this case that next level is essentially another dimension, taking what was a two dimensional game and making it into a 3-D team battle shooter.

Similar to other arena type shooters you have RPG and stylistic upgrade elements, lots of chances to open various chest resources to collect and characters to upgrade.

There is a bed of humor and self-awareness in the style of the game including various callbacks with the characters to other pop culture references.

In addition to single-player quests sides on both the plants and the zombies factions, you then have the full-time arena shooter to participate in.

It is another kid-friendly style shooter that includes cartoon violence. N

The story, if you can even call it that, is fairly outlandish since you have animate plants fighting animated zombies for control over a town where all the humans are hiding inside, so don’t expect high, fact grounded literature here. It’s more like a cartoon Destiny style stuff.

Enjoying my experience with the game so far and I can recommend taking it for a spin if any of these kind of elements intrigue you. I’ll have a wrapup, or at least more expensive review if we keep going further with the title.

Playing on the PS4, we paid the $9.99 for it during a special.

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