The Official and Undeniable Palin, Part 2

I did the first part of this post back here.  I have toned down the title as it doesn’t matter as much any more.  Palin is Alaska’s problem now.

How big a problem?  Well, luckily there’s aren’t many Africans in Alaska, or they might have a few questions for Sarah…

I’m sure more specific stuff will be coming out, but this kind of stuf…

An angry aide characterized the shopping spree as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,” and said the truth will eventually come out when the Republican Party audits its books.

…is a lot more nasty than I could be.   And that was a McCain adie, a senior one.  I saw an interview with the author of the above newsweek article, which I’m featuring in another post, so I give it quite a bit of credibility.  McCain’s staff was really, really, frustrated with Palin.  Not the least of which was because….

On the Sunday night before the last debate, McCain’s core group of advisers—Steve Schmidt, Rick Davis, adman Fred Davis, strategist Greg Strimple, pollster Bill McInturff and strategy director Sarah Simmons—met to decide whether to tell McCain that the race was effectively over, that he no longer had a chance to win. The consensus in the room was no, not yet, not while he still had “a pulse.”

That was three weeks ago…when the race had ended but for something crazy happening (and by crazy I mean terrorist attack/alien invasion-type crazy.)

The race was over because the American people learned that when the question is……is Africa 1)a country or 2)a continent….and you have to think about it, and then get it wrong….it’s over.  It’s just over.

Palin was a joke, and she can blame the economy all she wants, but that’s the kind of stuff good world leaders are supposed to be prepared for.   Very prepared for.  Like, studying-your-whole-life prepared for.  It turns out that Palin wouldn’t even cram for two weeks, and so someone who didn’t know what the “Bush Doctrine” was (not a minor oversight we see know, but evidence of mass ignorance) had no chance of dealing with an economic crisis in a rational way.

The video above is textbook “throwing under the bus” and you’ll see it more and more over the next few weeks.  Then come the books.  And then come the movies.

Does Palin have a future?  I’m not sure.  I really don’t think so.  I think the embarrassment of some of the campaign gaffes (“go buy 3 suits” != “go spend $150K on your family”) are going to linger, and she is going to bear the brunt of the backlash when Republicans stop blaming everyone else and look for someone in their own party to blame.

Sadly Sarah fits the bill.

Did I just forget a comma?   I don’t know, never really learned no grammarin’.

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