The Dark Bailout (and Joker vs. Joker)

Here’s a couple quick mash-ups made from “The Dark Knight” and Heath Ledger’s soon to be legendary performance.  When I rent a movie, I might watch it once before returning.  This one I’ve watched at least 3 times, and will probably *gasp* by a $.015 piece of plastic for $20 just to have a copy laying around.

Anyway, here’s the goods…

And the Joker v Joker one, “Whens Clowns Collide”.  This took some serious editing, but did a great job making something new out of something old.

4 thoughts on “The Dark Bailout (and Joker vs. Joker)


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  2. Teddy, baby…please quit spamming my website with this…stuff.

    I find it ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that you are talking about the “Department of Justice Office of Legal Council” in regards to un-Constitutional acts. You do remember why Gonzo resigned, right? You do remember that *exact* same department’s memo on why it’s o.k. to torture people if we just make up a new label to call them?

    Anyway, I think you should focus your quest on something more profound…Can Obama prove he’s not an Alien?

  3. Were Viking,

    Sounds interesting, but I would highly recommend you try and keep some links near the top of the page that go to the start of the story. The reverse order of blog postings (most recent first) makes it really hard to pick up a story already in progress. Whatever you can you do to make it easier to catch up to the story with increase your readership.

    You can use the wordpress “pages” to archive chapters, and then they will show up at the top of each page (given a theme like this one). Just a suggestion. 😉

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