A Bit or Twenty About My Political Views

[this is an excerpt from a private conversation with a friend, who wish to remail anonymous, I think]

This is a much more civilzed conversation, but I really do prefer to have these conversations in public, as, you know…I’m a struggling writer. Really struggling.

To summarize…I’m not a Democrat and don’t follow their agenda. I saw Obama admitted a mistake with Dashle, which is why I like Obama. Bush couldn’t think of a mistake he made after four years…which was a sad joke.

I think both Cavuto and Olbermann are loud mouthed windbags who treat politics like college football. Cavuto is damn near retarded and Olbermann is a pompous windbag.

I enjoy watching and responding to, the Sunday morning talkers. NPR is one of the better sources of info. I usually scan Google News, which is run by an AI and then research from there to do my writing.

I don’t think News and Opinion should be mixed, which is why I think Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc. are a joke. Cronkite could say more with the raise of an eyebrow than most of these modern schlubs can say with a ten minute rant. All of them are first and foremost a BUSINESS and in the media game to make money. They are not after Truth, at all, they go after ratings, which is why they suck.

I blame Bush and Cheney for making a series of huge strategic blunders that pushed our country to bankruptcy. That was the goal of AQ, BTW, to bankrupt the country. It worked. Bush is an anti-intellectual fool who picked party over principle again and again and again. He picked image over substance and should be in jail for endorsing and pushing torture.

Morals are still important. 9/11 didn’t change that. We’ve killed tens, if not hundred of thousands of innocent people in response. That, I feel, is very immoral.

I’m against torture because I have friends in the military. I also believe in the Golden Rule, as it has been “discovered” by every major religion on the planet. If one endorses torture for others, they endorse it for their friends. I don’t want anyone tortured and think there are much better ways to get information. Study how we “interrogated” German and Japanese Generals during WWII for some good examples.

I can, and have, sat down with people, been honest with them, and have had them telling me their secrets in under 20 minutes. Torture only makes people tell their torturers what the tortoree thinks their torturers want to hear. It’s not a good avenue to get at the truth. It’s torture, and it’s wrong. No matter who does it. Jack Bauer is a fictional character and a number of lecturers at the U.S. War College had to make a public statement about it, because of bunch of keyboard commandos think we should torture more people.

It won’t work, and you also might want to read up on the Japanese we executed for war crimes after they water-boarded Americans. It’s just not right. We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one.

As Martin Luther King said, “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere.” He got assassinated for that view.

I’m not a big fan of Clinton. He sold his soul to be President. Watch, or read “Primary Colors” to see how that worked.

I’m currently reading McClellen’s book on Bush, and consider it to be one of the more accurate readings on what went on in that White House.

I’ve also read two of Obama’s books, and consider him to be a very intelligent, very well read, and very good leader. I don’t agree with the Limbaughian traitorous stance that seems to be dominating the GOP. I also think “Joe the Plumber” is a tard and have written extensively about him.

I’m curious about your view of Islam, which I have a great deal of respect for, and am also critical of in my book.

BTW, would you like to buy a book? I hate to give my writings aways for free to people, as I believe them to have real value. I am an independent thinker, and wish to stay that way.

Regardless, I hope this finds you well. And I VERY MUCH appreciate the more respectful tone this conversation now has.


5 thoughts on “A Bit or Twenty About My Political Views

  1. Roy, I can handle a lot of things – but to blaspheme St. Keith? That’s a bit too far, don’t you think?

    I am a Democrat – Liberal, Progressive, and at times, down right Socialist. I believe in the absolute separate of Church and State, government out of our individual lives, and a somewhat controlled economy, as well as universal health care, resource sharing, and Labor Unions.

    I think Bush/Cheney have used the Constitution as toilet paper, leaving us with a bankrupt idea of what this country is supposed to be. I do not believe in full throttled democracy, must a Representative Republic. Of course, at times, the parliamentary systems of Europe are too bad either. I believe in equal rights, but that not all were created equal.

    I believe that individual ‘sins’ should not be regulated – legalize drugs, but if the individual sins cross over into the corporate arena – in that the actions of one harms another – than it must be bound by law.

    I am pro-life all the way.

    I do not like Islam – believing that it feeds a radicalism that is not easily controlled. Of course, Christianity had a problem with the Crusades, and Judaism is not without it’s history of radicalism as well.

    I would buy the book.

  2. Nah…I do think Keith is a bit too happy with himself, and is getting a big fat head.

    I liked some of his oppositional rants, and maybe he’s changed lately. Haven’t watched in a while (cable is off too).

    I think we are pretty much total agreement, until it comes to the religious stuff (surprise, surprise). I think Islam is very much in the same place NOW that Christianity was during the Crusades. Both periods (now for [I], the 13th-14th century for [C}) are about 1,300 years after the death of their respective Prophets, and truths have been lost and glossed over in the intervening periods of interpretation.

    In Western culture, our “Dark Age” was the Golden Age for Islam. If they hadn’t recorded a lot of the knowledge of the ancient world, it would have been lost through stuff like the Inquisition.

    All of course, IMHO.

    I’ll send you an invoice, but I think you’ve already earned it.

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