How To Make Government Look *Really* Bad (and Win)

Step 1 :  Filibuster majority party on popular legislation.  Make sure to point out how the “majority” is weak because they still can’t seem to get anything done.

Step 2 : Rant and Rave about how “Government” is a bunch of selfish jerks because they hate good things.  Become popular broadcasting populist messages.

Step 3 : Neglect to mention how your employer is doing the work of previously mentioned minority party.  Make sure never to mention you are a political operative when bashing politicians.

Step 4 : Profit, babyFunnel those profits back into the party.

Step 5 : And win! 

More of this later, the baseness, and effectiveness of this strategy is astounding.   Hopefully tomorrow I’ll tackle the issue this same insane re-enforcement cycle has introduced to our culture regarding the nature of taxation. Or maybe the next day.

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