Jim DeMint: Working around Christmas is “sacriliegous”, hence I’ll slow things down more

It’s really hard to be the biggest douche in Congress, there is just too much competition.  Hence, it’s a revolving honor.

Today’s winner?

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) called Democrats’ push to force through [pass by majority vote] an arms control treaty and an omnibus spending bill right before Christmas “sacrilegious,” and warned he’d draw the process out to wage his objections.

“You can’t jam a major arms control treaty right before Christmas,” he told POLITICO. “What’s going on here is just wrong. This is the most sacred holiday for Christians. They did the same thing last year – they kept everybody here until (Christmas Eve) to force something down everybody’s throat. I think Americans are sick of this.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1210/46422.html#ixzz18Dd7j8Un

How is the majority party of both houses of Congress passing legislation and sending it to the President for signature “forcing a big, black cock down America’s throat”?    Sorry, but I’m just sick of this line of bullshit.

How is passing legislation with majority support a huge freaking problem, but the minority party blocking all legislation is somehow indicative of the will of the of people?  

How is it that it doesn’t matter at all what the legislation is, you’re still goint to be an ass about it?  This treaty is approved by every living President and former Secretary of State.  It’s how we know the Russians are living up to their side of the end of the Cold War.  No one is against it, except for asshole politicians holding up good legislation so they can pay back their campagin contributors.

And now you’re going to use your religion as an excuse for why you can’t work?   Oh, and did you note the tactic for implementing the strategy?  Wasting taxpayer time and money.

DeMint has demanded a full reading of the treaty, a process that could push the chance for a vote closer to Christmas unless Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) pulls the measure from the floor.

DeMint’s comments echo those of Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) who said yesterday that Reid’s voting schedule is impossible to accomplish “without disrespecting one of the two holiest of holidays for Christians.”

It’s taken a while, but I really do think I actually hate Republicans now.  I know, I know, hate is a waste of time and energy, it’s true.  And perhaps that’s not the right word, but there is a level of rank hypocrisy here that just goes well over my line.  Way over.   I certainly have no respect for them, or anyone who supports them.   Sure,  I can understand the billionaires and multi-millionaires who support their policies (and people who hate gays, muslims and minorities), as that’s who they are solely designed to benefit, but anyone else who supports them is essentially shooting themselves in the face.   And the rest of us, too.

Is the ignorance willful?  Is it just a sign that they believe the obvious lies?   Do people support them because they, like the Republicans, hate science? [for reals]  Do people actually believe that tax cuts don’t affect the budget in the exact same way as spending? [yes, they do, note how this was written during the original Bush tax-cut debate…and how the end result of those cuts was the same as the 1920’s tax cuts and the 1980’s ones…bubble, then  bust].

When the Republicans voted to protect rapists, I thought that was kinda bad.   When they filibustered feeding kids and healthcare for 9/11 responders, I thougt it was worse.  When they held the country hostage to extend their tax breaks (while, literally at the same time, moaning about the deficit), I realized they aren’t worthy of anything resembling respect.  They aren’t, now that I think about it, even worth the effort to hate.  

Sadly, my countrymen awarded this behavior by gving them more power. [one wonders if they’ll see how quickly they were betrayed]

All of which is why we have a Senator saying he works too hard (saying “No” all the time) and it’s now an affront to his religion to do his job.    I fully expect him to get promoted for this, modern day Christianity is all about persecution (of others) and protection (of the wealthy, who are wealthy because God loves them more, natch).

After all, the President has spent the last week telling everyone how the Republicans were right all along.  Convinced that the hostage takers have the right plan.

Sad, that.

UPDATE: DeMint is an even *bigger* hypocrite than previously noted

Frustrated with Sen. Jim DeMint’s support for a move to require an oral reading of the START nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia – a move that could take as long as 12-15 hours in these waning lame duck days — an Obama administration official notes that DeMint only attended five of the 12 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on START, nor was he present for the final vote to order the treaty reported on the 16th.

DeMint attended the May 18 and 19, June 15 and 24, and July 14 Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings, plus the Committee markup session on Sept. 16.  

Tweeted Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., just now: “# of hours to read START on Sen. floor = 12-15, # of comm. hearings DeMint missed on START = 7. No wonder he needs to have it read to him.”

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