Gaming 2011 Goalpost Part II

Continued from here...I figured as I get these done I’ll come back and edit these posts with some strikethrough tags and I’ll have a nice simple record of how well I did on my goal.

I’m a big fan of productivity lists, even when that productivity is playing an inordinate amount of games.

To continue..

26) Hitman (Bloodmoney/Codename 47/Silent Assassin) (Haven’t even played more than a demo of this series, curious to see how it has evolved)

27) Jade Empire : Special Edition (got through some of this a while back, very different, and fun)

28) Just Cause / Just Cause 2 (I love, love, love this concept.)

29) Kane & Lynch: Dead Men / Kane & Lynch 2 : Dog Days (buddy FPS, I guess, have only seen commercils).

30) Killing Floor (L4D’s only real competitor, have heard good things looking forward to the zombie slaughter).

31) Lara Croft and Guardians of Light (I got a bunch of these in a package, not sure if I’m going to do them together or separate, although I am sure they will all be lifted and separated.)

32) The Last Remnant (Epic Non-FF RPG, works for me, like what I’ve seen so far)

33) Mafia II (GTA 1945, essentially, but I’ve been impressed with the first couple chapters).

34) Mass Effect 2 (After playing a few hours, I can summarize; get this, it’s beautiful and awesome).

35) Mini Ninjas (they come in all sizes)

36) Neverwinter Nights 2 : Platinum (played this before they patched it on a lesser computer, looking forward to actually being able to play it).

37) Order of War (No idea).

38) Plants vs. Zombies (already love this).

39) Project: Snowblind (project: random fps).

40) Quake (yes, the original, yes, I want to re-hash the past for a week).

41) Return to Castle Woftenstein (my id is aroused).

42) Star Wars : Force Unleashed II (OMG, so that’s what a real bad-ass can do).

43) Stalker : Call of Pripyat / Shadow of Chernobyl (nice, a Fallout 3 clone set in slightly fanciful Eastern Europe, should be fun).

44) Shellshock 2 : Blood Trails (not sure).

45) Silverfall (started this a while back, hit a bug that killed my install, now it seems better, which is good since I liked it).

46) Street Fighter IV (I’m so glad I can finally get 60fps in HD for a twitch fighting game that I’ve been playing since high school.  Now if I can only find a good PC arcade joystick).

47) Super Meat Boy (loving this).

47) Supreme Commander 2 (large scale RPS goodness).

48) Wings of Prey (prop fighter heaven)

49) The Witcher : Enhanced Edition : Director’s Cut (the final, final, final version.)

50) X-Com : UFO Defense (*the* classic from the last century.  Seriously, it’s probably one of the best of the 20th century.  Recently played through this on my phone).

51). Zeno Clash (mainly so I can say I’m doing them from A to Z).

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