Game Review ToDo

I mentioned in this post that this year was to be a bit more focused on gaming.    Below is my New Year’s Resolution Review List.  These are games that I’ve missed or not worked my way through and would like to give it a shot in 2011.  Many of these I came across in the Steam Holiday sale.  I figure these should hold me over for at least the next six months or so, if not longer.

There are a number of older games on the list.  I think this is more of a feature than a bug.  PC gaming, in particular affords a longer shelf life than most consoles can imagine.  One of the benefits of Moore’s Law is that each successive computing generation is easily capable of emulating the previous one.  Hence, with a bit of work, we can still enjoy those 2600 and C64 games to this day.  I’m not going to go back that far, but I wanted to get a good review of the decade in gaming, so there are certainly some elderly titles on the todo list*.

I’m hoping to spend an official week with each title (although my real life gaming will skew and Diablo 3 comes out this year, so at least one month is already spoken for) and do the review after that.

Here goes, in no particular order (other than alphabetical):

1) Alien Breed 3: Descent (have a weakness for these style games)

2) Amnesia : The Dark Descent (I like games that start off by telling you not to try and win them)

3) Arcania: Gothic 4 (almost done, should be an early review)

4) Archon Classic (a classic, like it says)

5) Batman: Arkham Asylum (very good, and a complete anomaly in major IP titles)

6) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (oh yeah)

7) Battlestations: Midway (came in a publisher idea)

8) Battlestations: Pacific (see above)

9) blur (Rock’n’Roll Racing update)

10) Burnout Paradise (fun driving time)

11) Commander Keen (the id original)

12) Conflict Denied Ops ( idea)

13) Counter Strike Source (my review will most likely be me getting slaughtered for a week, but there ya go)

14) Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (already gone halfway through this)

15) Depths of Peril (love the concept not sure on the execution)

16) Deus Ex GOTY Edition (yeah…just wanted to relive a classic and compare)

17) Deus Ex Invisible War (never did this one)

18) Disciples II : Rise of Elves/Gallena’s Return (softspot for these style games)

19) Doom 3 (I think I already have this review, have to dig it up…did a first person review, quite fun).

20) Evlen Legacy (various expansion…got this on a lark…we’ll see)

21) Empire : Total War (played the first few scenarios…wow).

22) Everyday Shooter (this’ll be an off week, I already have this one down).

23) Front Mission Evolved (Giant Robots, 3rd Person shooter)

24) Guardians of Graxia (again, softspot).

25) Gyromancer (RPG * Bejewled = Hours gone).

…second half coming tomorrow…


*Oh and by “review” I mean a bit more lengthy analysis of the qualities and weaknesses of particular titles.  In the PC gaming world, I think a more accurate picture can be taken once a game is *final*, not once it is *gold*.   So this isn’t the place to find  glowing reviews of the latest greatest slightly tweaked sequel, but more of a long-term view.  Like someone forced, forced I say, to play games until the end of time.


9 thoughts on “Game Review ToDo

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