Joe Barton (R-Tx): Without Billions in Free Government Money, Exxon Would Die

You have to love, well…you have to or go crazy…, how incredibly and honestly hypocritical people like Joe Barton can be.   On the one side of his mouth, he praises “free market capitalism”.   Out of the other side of his mouth comes a stringent defense for government subsidies to distort the market and make up for low commodity prices…and it’s all about the same industry.

To find hypocrisy this thick, you have to go all the way to Charles G. Koch, who made the exact same ludicrous argument in his recent Fox News in Print Op-Ed.

In business, real jobs profitably produce goods and services that people value more highly than their alternatives. Subsidizing inefficient jobs is costly, wastes resources, and weakens our economy.

Because every other company in a given industry is accepting market-distorting programs, Koch companies have had little option but to do so as well, simply to remain competitive and help sustain our 50,000 U.S.-based jobs.

[full load of b.s.]

So just in case someone out there wants to call these people total and complete hypocrites, feel free…they are the very definition of the word.

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