Wisconsin GOP Strips Budget Items from “Budget Repair” Bill to Kill Teacher’s Union

Here’s the gist of it…

MADISON, Wis, March 10 (Reuters) – Wisconsin lawmakers, after three weeks of angry protests that drew tens of thousands of union workers to the state capital, were expected to vote — and likely approve — Republican Governor Scott Walker’s plan to curb public workers’ union rights.

What began in one heartland state last month as a move by the Republican governor to curtail state workers’ bargaining rights has evolved into a showdown across the country over efforts by budget-strapped state governments to rein in the power of unions.

Wisconsin’s Republican-led Senate on Wednesday night outflanked Democrats’ three-week boycott to approve the heart of the plan

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So the way they “outflanked” the D’s was to strip away the part of the bill dealing with the budget.  Note, at this point, that the argument coming from the Koch sucker, Walker, was that this was about the budget, not busting unions.

This is now shown to be completely untrue.

The Senate requires a quorum to take up any measures that spend money. But Republicans on Wednesday split from the legislation the proposal to curtail union rights, which spends no money, and a special conference committee of state lawmakers approved the bill a short time later.

The lone Democrat present on the conference committee, Rep. Peter Barca, shouted that the surprise meeting was a violation of the state’s open meetings law but Republicans voted over his objections. The Senate convened within minutes and passed the measure without discussion or debate.

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There is also another pre-emptive attack going on now, as the momentum to recall these folks builds up…to use the Republican super-majority to change recall statutes to make sure and retain the Republican super-majority.

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