Tiger Blood vs. Pitbull With Lipstick: Who Wins…

In the totally improbable yet amusing match-up, Palin takes only 36 percent of independents to [Charlie Sheen’s] 41 percent, according to a Public Policy Polling survey out Thursday.

Not surprisingly, the overwhelming majority of Republicans — 84 percent — would choose Palin over Sheen if given the choice. But the poll underscores just how polarizing Palin has become, as she now sports astonishingly high negatives in most surveys.

President Barack Obama also has polarizing numbers, but would still swamp Sheen 57 percent to 22 percent among independents.

via Poll shows Charlie Sheen over Sarah Palin: Winning, duh! – Andy Barr – POLITICO.com.

I was *almost* hoping Palin would stick around long enough to make for some great lulz during the primaries, but now it looks like even that isn’t going to happen.

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