The Obama Doctrine: aka The Golden Rule

I’ve been watching the guy very closely for a while now, read countless articles on his psyche and style, and have seen him apply it when it is most difficult (re:force as to Quadaffi*)…so its plainly evident now…Obama done stole his style from the Bible.

* The application of the GR can be very tricky when violence is used in response to violence to prevent violence.  Some would say that’s impossible.   History, and most peoples experience says its possible, just very tricky and fraught with danger. Use only in dire circumstances.

I’ll show more examples of this later, but I think its been the gilding philosophy and doctrine for his first term.

UPDATE:  BTW, this was posted… “1 May, 2011 @ 0:45 by RobotPirateNinja”…that’s 12:45 in the morning.  Later that evening, about 10 or so, Obama made a big announcement.  I was largely thinking of Libya when I posted, but well….there ya go.

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