Moderate Backyard Rant and a Flat Out Lie

Doing more video rants slowly and surely.    An Android is handy helper for a RPN, no doubt about that.

Here’s a couple from a few days back.  As per, this came a couple days before the perfect example of exactly what I was talking about (that’s the Flat Out Lie mentioned in the title).

The moderate rant, a two-parter…

[and no, I didn’t find that native Android video editor I wanted..any hints on where to find one can be submitted as comments]

So that happened.

Then later I’m doing my internet surfing (as we called it back in the day) and I run across this headline..

This is a flat-out lie.

Not only is this a flat out lie, it's logically impossible. (note the words "Gobal" and "North America"..think about it)

So it takes about two second to find what happened here….again….it’s just like this “normal” science reporting scenario but with a hardcore profit motive.  Here’s what the actual scientist said about this version of reality…

The study was only focusing on one aspect of climate change (impacts on agriculture) and looked only in the parts of the countries where and times of year when certain crops are grown. for example, if one looks at winter temperatures in these regions, it would paint a different picture. also, the lack of trend in any one region has very little bearing on whether global warming is happening.

[full story]

Not only that, but the study wasn’t even focused on plants that live longer that a single season.

Moreover, responding to an inquiry submitted to the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, Dr. Jacqueline Mohan of the University of Georgia’s Odum School of Ecology explained in an email that “modern crops and the vast majority of natural ecosystems are fundamentally different.” She explains that annual crops used in agriculture “do not “track” climate as closely as perennial plants which have much longer lifespans” and are more vulnerable to changes in climate. Mohan also points to recent research on ecosystems in North America that “has shown profound responses to changing climate.”

So we have study on a small subset of plants, in a relatively small region, studied over a limited part of the year, and this results are distorted into something completely unrelated, yet coincidentally perfectly aligned with the vast majority of the audience to which this lie was presented.

I’d show you some of the comments on Fox’s original reprint of the story.  But they closed them.  When I read them yesterday, there were a lot of people completely 100% in agreement with the headline, and they knew this because either  a) it snowed last winter b) they know it’s all a big lie anyway c) it’s a natural cycle (note how this has totally nothing to do with the headline, but a completely other non-explanation supported by nothing but blind faith) or d) something something Obama liberals bad.

It really was an epic cesspool of derp and served as a wonderful view into the type of intellectual company one keeps when one denies the facts staring one in the face.

And so I rant.  Moderately.  In the backyard.

And then register my disgust on the internet within days.

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