Herman Cain officially, officially toast (UPDATED: With even more b.s. « Robot Pirate Ninja)

It is standing up to this consistent situation [how women get villified for standing up to powerful men]  that is the prime motivator here, from where I sit, and not just a nefarious plot to bring down one man.   It’s consistent effort to bring down one liar, because he won’t stop doing it.

And he’ll keep doing it as long as he keeps getting way with it…and he’s been getting away with it for a looong time now. [11-28-11]

via Herman Cain officially toast (UPDATED: With science…) « Robot Pirate Ninja.

You know what makes this even sicker?  Look at how he is “going out”…

A defiant and at times angry Cain, 65, made his announcement at what had been scheduled as the festive grand opening of his Atlanta headquarters. Ever the common-sense businessman, Cain told the crowd that his Plan A — becoming president — would have to give way to Plan B, changing Washington from the outside.

“I am not gonna be silenced, and I am not going away,” Cain said. “And therefore as of today, Plan B.”

Cain said he would soon endorse one of his Republican rivals. By suspending his campaign, rather than ending it, he can still raise money to pay off debts.

[full story]

I’ve been following this one for a while now…as it turn out to have been a pretty nice b-day present for yours truly…

But soon after he caught fire in early debates with his outsider persona and “9-9-9” tax-simplification plan, Cain’s campaign started to unravel this fall. On Oct. 31, Politico reported that at least two women had received confidential financial settlements after accusing Cain of sexual harassment when he ran the National Restaurant Assn. in the late 1990s.

And so it was then that we knew that Cain was, in fact, just a flavor of the month.

Now he retreats to the “liberal media” where he’l find a lucrative deal spouting conservative talking points for the next…12 years or so.


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