This Week In Dick Cheney’s Police State

Supreme Court to hear Cheney-Secret Service case

Howards waited to meet with Cheney, who was greeting people, shaking hands and posing for photographs. He then confronted Cheney and told him his “policies in Iraq are disgusting.” As Howards departed, he touched Cheney’s right shoulder with his open hand.

Howards denied assaulting Cheney when questioned by Reichle. The agent said Howards falsely denied touching Cheney. Doyle confirmed that he witnessed the incident and demonstrated how Howards had contact with Cheney.

The agents decided to arrest Howards, who was turned over to local law authorities and charged with harassment under state law. The charges were later dismissed.

I think the Obama administration is on the wrong side on this one, and the arrest, in this case, was unlawful (charges were dismissed, you’ll note).

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