This has been a good week for RPN

The flag of American forces in Iraq has been lowered in Baghdad, bringing nearly nine years of US military operations in Iraq to a formal end.

The US Defence Secretary, Leon Panetta, told troops the mission had been worth the cost in blood and dollars.

He said the years of war in Iraq had yielded to an era of opportunity in which the US was a committed partner.

via BBC News – US flag ceremony marks formal end of Iraq war role.

The Iraq War is over.  The Arab Spring is here.  And RPN is now a married man.

A good week.  2012, contrary to popular opinion, will not bring the end of the world, but instead a new and better one.

Facing a great many challenges, as per.    But that is the focus for another today.  Not this one.

Peace and love in the new year, all ya’ll!

UPDATE: 12/19: Wake up this morning to the news that the Beloved and Fearless Immortal Leader of North “Best” Korea has also shuffled off from the mortal coil.   What a week.

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