Bill Gates Mug Shot Silhouette in all Office Software

This one is pretty fun.  Ran into this blog post yesterday about the picture being in Sharepoint.

I said…hrrm…that looks familiar…just like that placeholder in Outlook…

And yep…it’s him…

Bill Gates Mug Shot in Outlook

Bill Gates Mug Shot in Outlook

For those that wonder how this whole thing started…

Bill Gates was arrested for speeding in Albuquerque. He frequently was caught speeding in his Porsche 911. That day he was driving along with Paul Allen. The bail was set at a thousand dollars. Bill Gates, although only 21, was very successful in his early years at Microsoft, and was immediately able to post bail from his wallet full of cash.

..hence the smile.

I’m sure we’ll find out if this got official approval at any point soon…but either way…I find it hilarious.   If anyone ever digs up a mugshot of RPN, you’ll find a nice big smile on that face as well.

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