Teen pregnancy, abortion rates at record low (Hence the constant outrage, you see…)

CHICAGO — Birth and abortion rates among U.S. teens fell to record lows in 2008 as increased use of contraceptives sent the overall teen pregnancy rate to its lowest level since at least 1972, a study showed on Wednesday.

via Teen pregnancy, abortion rates at record low – Health – Women’s health – msnbc.com.

Let’s make this as clear as day….if you want there to be less actual abortions in the world, support widespread use of contraceptives and real sex education.

If instead, you would prefer to complain constantly about abortions and teen pregnancy while fighting policies that alleviate both issues, become a Republican…like these folks.

It is NOT a coincidence that the same folks coming out against birth control (and Planned Parenthood) are also against women’s right to choose when to start a family and against any notion that either education or healthcare is a human right.

Without masses of uneducated voters scared of getting sick, how could they ever maintain any sort of power?




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