Republicans gather to share delusions of oppression and apocalypse (neighborhood dogs freaking out about all the whistles)

AFP: US conservatives pummel Obama at conference

Rubio in his speech sought to tamp down concern that conservatives had yet to coalesce behind one man.

“We have four really good candidates,” he said. “At the end we’re all going to come together, and we know that right?”

wow, there is so much Derp going on here it’s hard to know where to begin.  I will note that I think the four candidates perfectly represent every constituent group of the Republican party, 1) the out of touch 1%, 2) religious extremists trying to force their version of god on everyone else, 3) crass hypocrites and political opportunists, and 4) racist conspiracy nuts. 

I realize that, as a group, politicians aren’t usually going to be thought of in the best of light, but to call this group one of quality really exposes the same lack of quality in one who sees it here.

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