Rubio blasts Obama for doing job without asking permission

Rubio Says Own Dream Act Derailed for Now – Washington Wire – WSJ

In conceding that his own push was likely dead for now, Mr. Rubio also expressed anger at how the White House made its announcement Friday without consulting him or other members of the Republican Party. “We have never talked to anyone in the White House about their plans,” he said. “The only thing the White House has ever done about our ideas was to try to get some of the Dream Act kids not work with us.” The Dream Act, which would have granted residency permits to some children of illegal immigrants who entered the military or attended college, died in the Senate in 2010 after Democrats failed to gathered sufficient support to overcome a Republican filibuster threat. In recent months, Mr. Rubio has floated proposals to present his own version of the act, but had yet to table any actual language.

Yet another case of the President being criticized for doing something a Republican wanted to talk about doing do….and doing so before that person actually did so. I woulnd’t doubt Rubio was going to start pushing against his own party’s filibuster around August to try and convince a few Hispanics the Republicans didn’t hate them. Obama has deftly taken that issue away, and done so in a way that is hard to argue against…as Romney has shown with his “it’s wrong but I won’t repeal it.” response. Next comes the criticism from folks trying to gain street cred on the left by saying he didn’t do it fast enough. For those that haven’t figured it out yet, Obama is methodical. He dots the i’s, crosses the t’s, and deals with the details. Still a closer race than I would expect, we’ll see how both candidates fare under the summer glare of the corporate media.

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