More gentle chaos in Egypt

Ahead of Cairo rally, Islamists claim presidency

Egyptian democracy was relatively low among U.S. priorities during the 30-odd years Washington was funneling aid and arms to a Cold War ally that led Arab peace moves with Israel in 1979 and was later fighting a common enemy in militant Islam. But since Egyptians rose up to end six decades of military rule, U.S. leaders have pledged to support them, even if that means accepting a role for the Brotherhood, a long-suppressed movement that wants Islamic law and spawned offshoots such as the militant Palestinian Hamas movement across the Middle East. “We are deeply concerned about the new amendments to the constitutional declaration, including the timing of their announcement as polls were closing,” a Pentagon spokesman said. “We believe Egypt’s transition must continue and that Egypt is made stronger and more stable by a successful transition to democracy,” spokesman George Little said. “We support the Egyptian people in their expectation that the (SCAF) will transfer full power to a democratically elected civilian government, as the SCAF previously announced.”

If revolutions were an easy, quick thing….I think we might all be worse off. Things one has to work harder for, and sacrifice more for, are always held in higher value. The question for Egypt is what, when given a democratic voice, it truly values. We shall see.

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