The ReLOVEultion of Ron Paul is Over. Finally.

Ron Paul

Most members of Congress leave politics with a few new laws to their credit if they are lucky, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), however, can take credit for reviving generations worth of terrible ideas and building a national movement behind his poor grasp of the Constitution and basic economics. Paul believes the Departments of Energy, Education, Agriculture, Commerce, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Labor are all unconstitutional — as are Social Security and Medicare, which he compared to “slavery.” He would return to the gold standard. And he thinks states can simply nullify federal laws they don’t feel like following. Yet it is a testament to the grip Paul has on America’s lunatic fringe that his supporters will whip themselves into a frenzy every time anyone dares to question his ill-considered views. Don’t believe us? Just wait and see what they write in comments on this very post.

via Ten People We Are Grateful Are No Longer Members Of Congress | ThinkProgress.

The amount of love for this guy is inversely proportional to the rationality of most of his beloved “freedoms”.

The sick thing is the large proportion of people who support him but have no idea that most of his policies ideas have been tried, failed miserably, and were replaced.   It is a testament to his passion that he can stick with sooo many failed policy ideas and convince others they haven’t been tried and haven’t already failed.

But then again, we’ve always known politicians were good at fleecing fools.

And Ron’s has been one most of his adult life.  I hope he enjoys his retirement, and it last a long time. I also fervently hope he continues to rail against “dynasty” politicians so his idiot son also gets to retire, and live off his generous government pension, instead of being a living testament to Paul’s hypocrisy.

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