Just Me and My LLC

California man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers – U.S. News http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/05/16372432-california-man-says-he-can-drive-in-carpool-lane-with-corporation-papers?lite

When Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., was pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane, he argued to the officer that, actually, he did have a passenger. He waved his corporation papers at the officer, he told NBCBayArea.com, saying that corporations are people under California law.

This same thing should work in DC, too. Heck, I want to do this and take the case all the way to SCOTUS. “If it can lobby and “speak”, your honors, it can sit next to me in the HOV lane.”

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