Koch Brothers Pay Off Legislators to Fight Fighting Climate Change

When President Obama rolled out his climate strategy last week, he made a point to sidestep Congress and take executive action — and with good reason. A two-year study conducted by the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University offers some insight into how Charles and David Koch have helped systematically derail climate legislation on Capitol Hill.

Using Americans For Prosperity, a conservative group they bankroll, the Koch brothers have convinced scores of Republicans in Congress not to vote for any climate legislation unless it’s “accompanied by an equivalent amount of tax cuts.”

via Koch Brothers Pledge Helped Kill Climate Change Legislation: Report.

It’s not even a hiding thing any more.  They are straight up saying…vote against this stuff and we fund you….vote for it and we primary your ass.    The vast majority of the GOP is completely beholden to these asshats.

Record heat waves again this summer too, for those paying attention.

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