You know who else believes in Global Warming? Actuaries

In Global Warming’s “New Normal,” Florida May Be Uninsurable – Facts So Romantic – Nautilus.

Yesterday, there was an arguably more important and revealing statement on global warming, although it won’t get nearly as much press. The Geneva Group, an insurance company trade organization, released a report declaring that climate change is bringing their industry into a new era [pdf]—and not in a good way. Global warming, the report says, has already raised ocean temperatures enough to significantly increase the chances of highly destructive storms. At the same time, insurance policy holders, such as homeowners, are not taking sufficient steps to protect their property from catastrophic damage. The combination “could create a risk environment that is uninsurable in some regions,” reads the report. “Examples with this potential are U.K. flood or Florida wind storm insurance.”

Curiously, the only people at this point who deny this is happening are folks who make their money causing the problem and of course the folks on their payrolls (oh, and idiots…lots of idiots).

Read the insurer’s report here.

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