And Now You Know *Why* Ted Cruz is a Lying Idiot: Apples and Trees

Cruz has made headlines lately with similarly controversial comments. At an event sponsored by the gun rights advocacy group OK2A and the anti-government Tulsa 9.12 Project in November, Cruz claimed that God ordains capital punishment.

“You know, the Bible is so clear,” he said. “Go to Genesis Chapter 9 and you will find the death penalty clearly stated in Genesis Chapter 9 … God ordains the death penalty!”

Cruz also argued that the legalization of same-sex marriage would lead to an unjustified outpouring of hate-speech accusations. “You preach Romans Chapter 1 in your church, you’re going to be called before a court for hate speech,” Cruz said.

In his February speech, Cruz promoted the abolishment of political correctness. “We have been guilty of following two things that we totally have to throw aside. Number one is political correctness,” Cruz said. “We have been destroyed by political correctness. And we must learn to tell the truth unequivocally.”

The 74-year-old tea party icon also attributed “all the civil rights” that African-Americans have achieved to Republicans.

“Let’s talk about the black population. All the civil rights that the African Americans have obtained have come from Republicans,” Cruz said. “But you know what, Democrats took the credit.”

via Ted Cruz’s Father: Black People ‘Uninformed’ And ‘Deceived’.

The stupid is deep with communists…especially failed ones.

Mitch McConnell’s ties Ukrainian Foreign Policy to Domestic Republican Fundraising

So why does the same senator, Chopivsky asks, tie up IMF funding important to Ukraine because of a domestic political dispute over nonprofits, known as 501(c)(4)s?

“I would hope that my old friend Mitch McConnell could separate the issues and treat the IMF and Ukraine aid separately from 501(c)(4)s and political fundraising,” Chopivsky said in an interview.

via Mitch McConnell’s foreign policy evolution – David Rogers –

So essentially the GOP *has to have* anonymous donations legal in order to keep working as a political party.  When the nation learns that 20 people fund 80% of the GOP effort, my guess is that even the dumbest of derpers will realize they are being used as Koch suckers.

This is something that Mitch McConnell can simply not let happen.  Letting the citizens of the United States see behind the curtain of campaign finance is to be avoided at all costs…even the cost of allowing a new curtain, another iron one, to start being erected.

Found Someone Willing to Give the Government Free Money…Twist…His Name is Matt Drudge

Multiple tax experts have also since explained that the estimated tax filing doesn’t even have a way to designate a specific sum as satisfying the penalty.

So as one tax expert put it to the Huffington Post: “For whatever reason, Matt Drudge has decided to give the government an interest-free loan.”

via The Bizarre Case Of Matt Drudge And His Obamacare ‘Liberty Tax’.

This is the kind of stuff that happens when you start to believe your own bullshit.

More People With Money to Spend Is Good for Economy (No Shit Sherlock department)

The two charts below help illustrate the relationship between inequality and GDP growth (on the left), and redistribution and GDP growth (on the right). The authors note a “strong negative relationship” between inequality and growth – as inequality increases, growth numbers decline. Turning to the redistribution chart, the nearly-flat line indicates a weak (and if anything, positive) relationship between redistributive policies and GDP.

via Obama was right: To boost the economy, spread the wealth.

Anyone who runs a business would prefer to have 10,000 customers with $100,000 each than 1 with a $1,000,000,000.

What these studies do is formalize that notion, and illustrate the degree to which it helps growth to avoid the latter situation.

Paul Ryan’s Internalized Ideology

But if Ryan genuinely stumbled heedless into a racial tinderbox then it suggests he, and most likely many other conservatives, has fully internalized a framing of social politics that was deliberately crafted to appeal to white racists without regressing to the uncouth language of explicit racism, and written its origins out of the history. If that’s the case it augurs poorly for those in the movement who are trying to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal, because it’s easier to convince people to abandon a poor tactic than to unlearn rotten ideology.

via Paul Ryan’s race flap even worse than it looks –

This is the part about this story I find interesting.  It has become such an article of faith among certain folks that this “it’s the poors fault for being inherently inferior” argument holds some sort of merit that they don’t realize where it came from in history.

Hobby Lobby Statements About Birth Control

Birth Control Makes You Less of a Person

“Thus, it has come to pass that the widespread use of contraceptives has indeed harmed women physically, emotionally, morally, and spiritually—and has, in many respects, reduced her to the mere instrument for the satisfaction of [man’s] own desires.” —The American Freedom Law Center

Sex Is as Unessential as Bowling or Stamp Collecting

“Second, contraceptives may be considered no true necessity under certain circumstances, since sexual relations are basically a voluntary activity. If sexual relations were a true human need like breathing or food, then Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and many of the popes, would have all dropped dead within a few weeks (or days) of becoming celibate. But they didn’t, since sex is only a human want (like bowling or stamp collecting), not an actual need.” —David Boyle, a California attorney who submitted a brief on his own behalf

via Hobby Lobby Statements About Birth Control in Briefs to the Supreme

And now you know why the religious busybodies want to take control over others.

Why do we, Pirate?

Kickstarted Veronica Mars Promised Digital Download; Pirate Bay Delivers – Slashdot.

“Backers were promised ‘You will receive a digital version of the movie within a few days of the movie’s theatrical debut.’ Warner Bros are providing a non-downloadable ultra-violet coupon (although Veronica Mars is available for download through other stores). The download is already available on the Pirate Bay. The download is even available on commercial stores. The users have already passed over their $35+. But rather than meet the demand for a DRM-free download, Warner Bros would prefer to return the original pledge to backers who complain.

Mutual respect.  Give none, get none.  Give some, get some.  You will never get all of it without giving any of it.  That’s just not possible, corporations.

Rafael “Ted” Cruz “Hail’s Satan” in Bid to Out Derp EVERYONE

Ehm Moore : 23 hours ago

What can one really say about a person who is willingly funded by two sons of a billionaire who made his money/empire by being a licensor to, and then a design and build contractor to, Joe Stalin, has a Daddy who was a willing blood-brother cohort of Fidel Castro, and seems to be trying to channel Sen. Joe McCarthy, especially in the “have no shame” category.

via Anti-abortion voters look for one of their own | Dallas Morning News.

Really…what can ya say.

Although the quote is “have you no sense of decency, sir?”.  And to be clear….no, Rafael does not have any decency.

Arundhati Roy, the Not-So-Reluctant Renegade

Roy decided to bring the proceedings to a close with a joke from Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.”

“In the movie, this man, Brian, asks a band of guerrilla fighters, ‘Are you the Judean Peoples’ Front?’ ” Roy said, mimicking a British accent. “And the reply he gets from this really offended group is: No, absolutely not. ‘We’re the Peoples’ Front of Judea.’ ” The joke, an elaborate parody of radical factionalism, made Roy laugh heartily. It also changed the emotional temperature of the room. As we came out of the house and milled around in the alley, the various groups seemed easier with each other.

via Arundhati Roy, the Not-So-Reluctant Renegade –

Always enjoyed this firebrand, for somewhat obvious reasons.

“Hi, I’m right here”: An open letter to Paul Ryan about poverty and empathy –

“Hi, I’m right here”: An open letter to Paul Ryan about poverty and empathy –

Paul Ryan recently went on to say that the problem in the inner cities is a bunch of lazy people who don’t want to work.  His solution?  Tell them they need to get to work.

And this is the guy the GOP calls a genius.

The Obvious Downside to the Breakdown of Societal Trust

While both Pittman and Bridges may sound like idiots, they’re actually shrewd political strategists, for the promise of tax cuts for the rich is hardly an effective platform for rallying the Republican Party base in a midterm election year. The promise of the Ten Commandments, however, is how you get a person without healthcare to vote for the party whose platform is based on repealing the Affordable Care Act.

via Bible barons: How the GOP uses religion to keep voters captive to corporate ideology –

Watching the fervor with which the Tea Party wants to shot themselves in the face to spite their nose is….I’m not sure there’s a good word for it.

Usually the One that Predicts the Future is the One we want to listen to….

Back in 2004, Sloan, professor of Earth sciences at UC Santa Cruz, and her graduate student Jacob Sewall published, “Disappearing Arctic sea ice reduces available water in the American west” (subs. req’d). They used powerful computers “to simulate the effects of reduced Arctic sea ice,” and “their most striking finding was a significant reduction in rain and snowfall in the American West.”

“Where the sea ice is reduced, heat transfer from the ocean warms the atmosphere, resulting in a rising column of relatively warm air,” Sewall said. “The shift in storm tracks over North America was linked to the formation of these columns of warmer air over areas of reduced sea ice.” In January, Sewall wrote me that “both the pattern and even the magnitude of the anomaly looks very similar to what the models predicted in the 2005 study (see Fig. 3a [below]).”

via Climatologist Who Predicted California Drought 10 Years Ago Says It May Soon Be ‘Even More Dire’ | ThinkProgress.

It’s funny, but this has happened a few times now.  You see…when 97%+ of the world’s scientists are using their models to predict the future based on known things (like the measurements of the world getting warmer because of human activity), they get to start making predictions about the future based on that knowledge.

The deniers just sit there and go “nu-uh!!”.  They have no predictions, no knowledge, no point, just flat out denial, repeated endlessly.