2 Ninja

This part of the story gets a bit…obscure.

There are reasons for this, and those are the reasons of the ninja.   It is a bit of a cliche to point out, but to know the reasons of the ninja are to know the reasons of death.  They are only available to those that are willing, and able, to push…logic…existences…one self…to death.   And come back.

As it became apparent that my life as a robot pirate would eventually be one of repetitive danger and hollow booty, a higher purpose became evident.

The way of the ninja beckoned as only it can. I can say this, it is not an easy way, nor a fun one. But it is filled with purpose and stealth.

As the ninja I was able to infiltrate many institutions I had known as a robot to be evil and as a pirate to be targets. I learned their strengths and weaknesses.  I learned their purpose and their danger.  I learned how to kill them.  And make them prosper.

Which leaves us where we are now.  With my as a Robot Pirate Ninja and you as…well….whatever you are.

For the non-ninja among us…

I’ve been working at various paying jobs since I was 15. I’ve done a wide variety of things, including the proverbial pizza delivery (hmmmm, Campisi’s), teaching Indians (dot.com) how to talk like “Merkins”, analyzed the collapse of some of the biggest corporations in the world, and a few other things.

At this point in my life I’ve found that I can talk to anyone, be they billionaire or bum. There is a damn near always a way to interact, hopefully in a positive way, and extract some more information. This is the real part of the ninja thing….I’m wicked awesome at figuring things out.

And it’s the way I’ve been since a young age (at least 2, if my mother is to believed, as she watch me figure out, quietly in a corner, how every object she gave me worked…that’s back to the robot thing).

I’ve learned how to get in places, how things work, how things break, how to get things, how to make things, what something is, how many of it are there, when did they change, how did they change, what is change…and so I changed as I followed my talent to the limit.

And I figured “it” out.

My main “marketable” aspect of this talent has to do with using computers and networks to solve problems. I can build a computer, install an OS, put in a network, built a site, install it, admin it all…and then run a few scripts and tear the whole thing to pieces. I’ve been on computers since I was about 5. The Commodore 64 being the first home computer (and my first console was an Atari 2600, yes…old school).

I can also do some pretty hard core data analysis and database building/tuning/ect. I can normalize and denormalize and tend to know when to do either.

I’ve used these skill in a lot of places. For a lot of powerful…beings. So I learned how they worked, as much as I could, from whatever I could.

Now this whole solving problems thing applies to other aspects of life as well. As you’ll see if you keep reading the site, I think I’ve figured a few things out. Life, the universe, everything, that kind of stuff.

If you know better, tell me, and we’ll battle.

If you are stronger, you will win and I will become stronger for having fought you, and learned.

If I am stronger, I will win.

Whether or not you learn from this is your choice, as you can see from this whole “ninja” bullshit, I’ve made my choice. Many of them.

Which leads us to the current, fulfilled being whose writings you just read.

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